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    Quote Originally Posted by Milliment View Post

    what our friend here has said is iligal, if you are providing services and products you MUST charge tax and you MUST be tax registered, there are different levels of tax registration and its generaly automated to your annual turnover. So if you are running a business you MUST be tax registered.
    Rubbish!!! You only have to be VAT registered if over a certain limit.

    You may have different rules in your country, but as far as I can tell this person was refering to the UK.

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    Within the UK, you only need to be VAT registered if your turnover exceeds 61,000 per annum

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    I guess this thread is not realy needed anymore.

    Open vatnumbervalidation.php in the current download WHMCS and follow instructions to nicely include/exclude VAT for the european countries.

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    Question Vat if customfield / checkbox is clicked

    I have to implement a different method for applying VAT for EU citizents.

    I have a custom field "check-box" to allow the customer to choose if he wants to receive invoice (for companies) or receipt (for individuals). ...Yes we have 2 different types in Greece...

    So, I have implemented a VAT type for EU citizens but it just not apply any VAT if the selected country is in EU.

    The problem is that it must charge VAT if the customer is in EU and he has not the check-box selected.

    The custom filed has the ID "customfield10" and the name "customfield[10]"

    Any idea how to implement this?

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