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    Default Any tips on how to migrate WHMCS server?

    Hi there. I have to migrate a linux server that has 500+ hostings and whmcs, running PLESK 9 , to a new server that will have PLESK 10. I dread it like I dread a root canal..
    Any tips that anyone care to share? They would all be very much appreciated! -t

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    not sure with plesk, but i know in cPanel/WHM it has a transfer feature that will allow you to transfer all accounts from 1 server to another server using FTP/SFTP/SSH using the old servers IP etc.

    dont know if plesk has a similar feature
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    Thanks - it has a migrate feature which migrates about half of the accounts and rejects the others. you then spend days writing code to get the plesk backup / restore to move your domains

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