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    Default PayPal to take your credit card, no account needed

    PayPal blog: Itís Official: Guest Payments Is Now Live:

    ę...Our developers asked for an easy way to accept credit cards using our Adaptive Payments API and thatís why Iím excited to unveil Guest Payments today. Guest Payments allows developers to collect credit card payments without requiring their customers to open a PayPal account, eliminating the complications merchants, developers and startups face in accepting credit cards.Ľ

    Great news!

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    Does this apply to WHMcs's Paypal module or it's independent?

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    It would be interesting to see this worked into WHMCS, whether in the existing PayPal module, or as a separate module. The more options a customer has, the more likely they'll complete the checkout process.

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    How to setup the PayPal Guest Payment?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeHolzmer View Post
    How to setup the PayPal Guest Payment?
    By default it will work but I believe it only works for customers in a select few countries.

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