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    Default Modify single item of smarty array...


    Here's an example:

    _tpl_vars: Array
        [clientsstats] => Array
                [numpaidinvoices] => 0
                [paidinvoicesamount] => $0.00 USD
                [numdueinvoices] => 0
    So I wanted to modify/assign numdueinvoices, I'd use the following:

    $smarty->assign('clientsstats', array('numdueinvoices' => 123456));

    Issue with the above is that it will kill the other items of the array. I'd like to know how to modify a single item of said array without destroying the other items. Any ideas truly welcomed.
    Victor Lugo

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    In your template file, you can add:
    PHP Code:
    {php}$this->_tpl_vars['clientsstats']['numdueinvoices'] = "value";{/php

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