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    Question 7.2.3 Auto Update Error

    A fatal error occurred while fetching the update.
    Please check to make sure your memory limits and execution time are set to the recommended values.

    Have tried the update 6 times and get this error. The temporary updates folder is not in the html directory and it is set to CHMOD 0755. Also tried with 0777 and get this error every time.

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    Default Re: 7.2.3 Auto Update Error

    Hi Techdefy,

    Thanks for getting in touch, sorry to hear you are having issues, please ensure:

    You have a PHP Memory limit of at least 128MB (256MB if it is already 12
    You have a PHP Memory time out of at least 300 seconds
    Chris D.

    The Complete Client Management, Billing & Support Solution

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    Default Re: 7.2.3 Auto Update Error

    thanks... made the changes, same error when attempting update.

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    Default Re: 7.2.3 Auto Update Error

    Hi, I have this same error when trying to update.

    I'm running PHP 7.0 with max_execution time: 300, Memory limit: 512m

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    Default Re: 7.2.3 Auto Update Error

    Matt511, did you get this resolved? My install still will not update.

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