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    Default best CSF unblock solution

    This was originally posted by davet on another section.
    I would also be interested in a fix for AutoUnblock CSF

    I'm looking for suggestions for an addon module for WHMCS to connect to CSF which gives my customers and admins the ability to unblock their IP. Please only provide suggestions if you currently have the addon working. A lot of the addons I found are outdated and don't support the new CPanel API to connect to CPanel servers.

    I was previously using AutoUnblock CSF but the developer is no longer offering this addon and it no longer works if you connect WHMCS to the servers using the CPanel API. The Remote Host Key way of setting it up is being deprecated in CPanel.

    AutoUnblock CSF from GKroot was working for us and was able to 1) allow customers to unblock their IP from the client area and 2) All admins to whitelist or block IPs across all servers connected to WHMCS.

    I've tried pretty much all of the alternatives but all of them either don;t work or don;t give the ability to unblock an IP from all servers from within WHMCS.

    I've tried Jetserver CSF Manager at but when clients go to Manage Firewall it returns "Token authentication is restricted to WHMAPI calls only"

    I've tried UnBan Center for WHMCS at but it doesn't give the ability to whitelist or remove an IP from all connected servers from WHMCS admin area.

    I've tried WHMCS CSF Unblocker Module at but still haven;t been able to get it working with the help of the developer.

    I have NOT tried Gold CSF Firewall Auto Unblock yet at

    Does anyone have any further suggestions on a working addon that supports the CPanel API connection method to the servers?

    Or does anyone have suggestions on a developer that can fix AutoUnblock CSF to support the CPanel API instead?

    The developer of AutoUnblock CSF says the old non-working version is still available for download and is open source now.

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    Default Re: best CSF unblock solution

    If you still need help please contact us here for custom WHMCS Development
    WHMCS Services - sales (at)
    WHMCS Addons / Modules
    Custom Development For WHMCS Modules

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    Default Re: best CSF unblock solution

    We use one by serverping and its free... never had a problem with it.

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    Default Re: best CSF unblock solution

    We are eager to take a closer look at your requirements as we believe our Unban Center For WHMCS could suit them finely when given slight adjustments. We warmly invite you to reach our experts who will gladly provide comprehensive assistance in that matter.

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    Default Re: best CSF unblock solution

    Module Garden is good, simply OVERPRICED even to buy it outright it's costly.
    l SpeedySparrow Pty Ltd Shared Hosting on the Cloud
    l Shared/Reseller LiteSpeed cPanel/WHM CloudFlare
    l Installatron Softaculous Cloudlinux WHMCS Billing
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    Default Re: best CSF unblock solution

    Agree with the high prices of modules garden, thishas always put us off purchasing from them, the serverping one I mentioned above though works fine and is free :o) so no harm in trying it to see if it meets your needs.

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    Default Re: best CSF unblock solution

    Could you imagine how many more clients they would gain if they lowered their prices to be more reasonable and competitively priced against other modules creators. I am guessing their business model is make a lot of money from a small client base, rather then set their prices low and make that money up over having 50% more clientele.
    Jason P
    Owner @

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    Cool Re: best CSF unblock solution

    What did you end up settling on?

    +1 for serverping

    -1 for modulegarden b/c pricing is greedy pig

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