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    Default Auto update question

    I'm curious if this is just my dev installation or a common occurrence, but I checked the config file today looking for something and saw that the autoupdate I last ran to test seems to have added a line to the file for the "templates_c" path. The path was already set to be above root, but I'm not absolutely certain that wasn't set when I first installed the dev license.
    It didn't seem to cause any issues, but I was wondering if anyone else has seen this to help rule out the autoupdater being behind it or not. If anyone is using that, can you peek inside the configuration.php file and see if it has an extra templates compile directory defined in yours?

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    Default Re: Auto update question

    It is my understanding that most configuration.php should have the line added for the path to templates_c based on the recommended security settings. Depending on how the autoupdater is configured, this line is either added by third-party software or added manually.
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    Default Re: Auto update question

    I don't see anything in the updater settings to configure that. The only settings in there are the temp path and which version to use.
    Maybe it was in there when I set this up and I failed to see it when I edited, though I don't think that's what happened here. I'll have to watch on the next update. Thanks.

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