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Thread: TTFB too long

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    Default TTFB too long

    Hi i am use whmcs 7.0.1 for my company.

    The problem is TTFB (Time To First Byte) is too long (over 5 sec), in client and admin area.

    In which way should i look to find the problem.

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    Default Re: TTFB too long

    When it comes to performance, a lot of WHMCS performance is dependent upon MySQL. You can look into something like MySQLTuner to do an automatic check and see if it makes any suggestions on improvements:
    The Complete Client Management, Billing & Support System

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    Default Re: TTFB too long

    thnx i will check it

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    Default Re: TTFB too long

    I found the problem

    In whmcs admin area in "General settings" in "Other" tab i had enable "Hooks Debug Mode".

    When i disable that option (which is only for testing purposes) the TTFB is back in normal time (120ms)

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