Hello everyone,

Just wanted to show our efforts in customizing design for WHMCS template Six. (Website is Arabic though, ignore the language)
The homepage is WHMCS index (customized) , the menus are automatically populated using WHMCS navbar code. In Homepage, the primary navbar links are hidden and only shown in internal pages.


## Work to be done
* optimize js/css/images for page speed and enable caching.
* make the html code W3 validated

## Challenges
* jquery, bootstrap and other essential frameworks aren't the best as they were combined by WHMCS in the following files All.css and All.js < very difficult to split the files again.

Our template code (html) is shared through our GitHub account (https://github.com/hardlayers) (not reflective 100% of what is seen on our website).

I would be glad to read your comments / feedback or suggestions for enhancement and way forward.

Mohannad Otaibi