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    Thumbs up Lara, WHMCS Admin Theme v7.2 Released!

    Today, we're pleased to announce Lara v7.2, which is fully compatible with WHMCS v7.2.1 released hours ago!

    Here's a quick overview of the latest version :

    Want to change the default WHMCS Admin Template "i.e., Blend" ?! .. Welcome to Lara!
    Lara, is WHMCS & AdminLTE blended together, resulting in a beautiful WHMCS Admin Theme, that can be used on daily basis, without hurting your eyes!

    Don't just take our word for it, check a full working Demo by visiting our WHMCS Demo
    New in version 7.x - (For WHMCS v7.x Only) :
    • New Dashboard: Based on the amazing dashboard, introduced in WHMCS v7.1, with tons of features :
      • Fully customizable interface, with the ability to move, close and resize widgets according to your needs.
      • Smart responsive layout, where the number of widgets per row will change according to your screen size ( 1 widget/row on smartphones, 2 widgets/row on tablets and finally, up-to 4 widgets/row on large screens).
    • Google Analytics Widget: Updated to the latest version, which includes :
      • WHMCS orders/income integration: Now, see a combined graph, with analytics data and WHMCS orders/income.
      • Express Mode: Connect your WHMCS with your Google Analytics in less than 30 seconds, without the need to create your own Google APP.
      • Faster loading times: Combined all required script and css files into 2 files only!
    • Staff Chat Widget: Now supports multilingual and comes with a sound notification for new messages.
    • New Permissions Interface: Control all of the theme settings from one page, including admin groups permissions.
    • Custom Logo: Without the need to edit any files, easily customize the logo of your WHMCS admin interface.
    • Fixed Layout: Allowing the page contents to scroll while the side menus are fixed.
    • Faster Loading Times: Thanks to the new combined assets system, loading time has decreased dramatically!

    The theme comes with tons of other options, beside the good looks :
    • Compatible with the latest WHMCS, including the latest V6.3.1 & v7.x
    • Menu Search, The Only WHMCS Admin Theme with search in menu, for easy access to all WHMCS options.
    • Intelligent Search, Search in WHMCS by (ticket number, invoice number, customer name, city .. etc).
    • Menu Notifications, Detailed notifications ( number of open tickets, pending invoices .. etc.) shown directly in WHMCS menu.
    • Home Page Widgets, Beautiful home page widgets, using moris.js chart engine.
    • Right Side Bar, Providing easy access to “Advanced Search, Ticket Search, in-ticket menu and built in browser links.
    • User Menu, Custom user menu, with quick links and notifications area.
    • Full Source Code, 100% source code provided. No encoded/encrypted files.
    • Updates & Support, 12 Months of Free updates and support. Including new features, bug fixes and WHMCS Updates.
    • Dashboard Customization, Choose what to see on your dashboard. Hide/Show homepage widgets.
    • 12 Different Skins, Enjoy 12 color-full skins for every taste, with a click of a button!
    • Intelligent Search, Intelligent search as you’ve never seen before, with optional search as you type “Quick Search”.
    • Custom CSS & Javascript, Easily apply your custom modifications without the need to edit the theme files directly.
    • Gravatar integration, Each admin will have his/her own gravatar icon.
    • Google Analytics Widget : Without leaving your WHMCS admin area, check user sessions, countries, operating systems and other Google Analytics metrics. [ Free addon for Limited Time Only ]
    • Staff Chat Widget, Staff members can easily chat with each other, directly from within WHMCS admin interface. [ Free addon for Limited Time Only ]
    • Support Tickets Count : Better algorithm for counting tickets, and including the numbers on every page.

    Get the theme now for only $14.99 .. That's a 40% discounted price ! .. Act quickly, as THIS OFFER IS LIMITED.

    Need a discount ?! .. No problem, simply tweet, like or share Lara using the the buttons on the checkout page and you'll join our Fan Club!. By doing so, a 15% discount will be instantly applied to your purchase.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails lara_main_v7.1.png   quick_search.png  
    Last edited by (Amr); 05-17-17 at 08:29 PM.
    Check out Lara, a brand new WHMCS Admin Theme for WHMCS v6.3.x & v7

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    May 2015

    Default Regarding WHMCS v7.2.2

    Just to let you know, Lara v7.2.0 is fully compatible with the latest WHMCS v7.2.2 released recently . So, you're free to upgrade your WHMCS installation if needed.
    Check out Lara, a brand new WHMCS Admin Theme for WHMCS v6.3.x & v7

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