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    Question How to know which accounts were terminated?

    I am getting a daily report (Cron Job) from WHMCS about several task such as accounts suspensions, tickets, late fees added, etc., and also account that were recently terminated. The problem here is that If you take a look at this screenshot below, you will see 3 accounts were terminated, but If I click the button below in that email "view full summary" I am taken to a page within WHMCS were I can see the full summary information, but I don't have the way to see which accounts were recently terminated. How can I know which accounts were recently terminated?

    Screesnhot 1:

    screenshot 2:

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    Default Re: How to know which accounts were terminated?

    two thoughts...

    1. clients -> product/services and then choose "Terminated" from the Status dropdown
    2. using the tweak in the thread below, you could use the Services report to show termination dates.

    I suppose I could write a basic admin widget to output the information, but it shouldn't really be necessary if WHMCS could get their act together with the cron report.

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    Default Re: How to know which accounts were terminated?

    Thank you.

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