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    Default Recomended Hosting Provider


    Sorry for the long post, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    I am in the process of setting up a hosting website based on whmcs.

    I'm trying to make a decision on who to choose as my hosting provider and was wondering you guys recommend?

    I would love to purchase my own hardware and get it hosted at a proper datacenter and would hope to do this if the website sees some success.

    I'm looking for a company which provides servers which are scalable. I have lots of experience with cPanel and Centos. I currently host a number of sites with, but these sites are all controlled by me so I know how much disk space etc I will need.

    My issue with is the limited disk space which is given, after going through loads of hosting sites most seem to give disk space away on shared accounts by the bucket load and I don't want to invest in a server which is going to run out of space with just a few users.

    I would like the server to be hosted in the UK, come with a good track record of good customer support and lots of disk space. I was thinking of getting a reseller account as a cheap option but I would prefer to have full root access to the server.


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    Default Re: Recomended Hosting Provider

    You might consider a VPS solution like Vultr or Digital Ocean (both of whom have data centers in London). You can purchase a cPanel license and have full root access and administrative control over your hosting environment.

    Both of those providers offer scalable servers, so you can access greater storage space as you need.
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    Default Re: Recomended Hosting Provider

    If you are looking for a scalable solution then cloud is what you need, You might consider amazon , google cloud or Digital Ocean however before you try these cloud solution make sure you are aware of there billing procedures.

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