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    Default Plesk links not working anymore (Customer with external id 'whmcs_plesk_123' is not found in panel)

    WHMCS creates a customer in Plesk and then adds subscriptions to the same customer. Which is cool but also creates confusion, but this is another story.

    Anyway, I noticed that when a customer views its service in WHMCS, instead of showing the login button to the panel, he now gets an error message: Customer with external id 'whmcs_plesk_123' is not found in panel.
    So I checked the WHMCS database and there is the mod_pleskaccounts table... It is full of whmcs_plesk_xyz entries, they all don't work. Weirdly enough, the newest customer to signup actually has a GUID instead of whmcs_plesk_xyz, and that one works.

    I noticed that in the plesk table "clients", te "external_id" column is actually empty, except for the newer couple of customers, which have a GUID in there. Did Plesk change something on its side? If I put whmcs_plesk_xyz in the external_id field manually in the Plesk database, the links work again.
    But what should I do to fix the issue for all customers? Generate GUIDs? Or just put the whmcs_plesk_xyz style values instead?

    Anyone had this issue?
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    Default Re: Plesk links not working anymore (Customer with external id 'whmcs_plesk_123' is not found in pan

    Activating the Plesk module creates a table in the WHMCS database called mod_pleskaccounts. This table contains the WHMCS client ID, the account type (shared, reseller etc) and a 'panelexternalid' value.
    This panelexternalid value needs to match up with the "External ID" value stored on the customer record on the Plesk server, and if it does, the hosting account will be added to the existing account on the server.
    If there is no entry for the client, or there is no match, it will be provisioned under a new customer within Plesk.

    As for the message which is displayed to client's second accounts, that is something implemented by Plesk at their end. I'm sure their development team will welcome your feedback on how that behaviour can be changed in future:
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    Default Re: Plesk links not working anymore (Customer with external id 'whmcs_plesk_123' is not found in pan

    Looks like an explanation on how it is "supposed" to work, but no solution offered to the poster's problem?

    I started having the same problem after upgrading from 7.1 to 7.2

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