We are interested in WHMCS and we have a couple of vital questions as 80% of our sales goes through the Reseller channel:
1. We want to charge the Reseller but mark our SW as installed with a specific End Customer
2. We want to charge the support contract to a Reseller for a Specific End Customer
3. We want to configure how support is delivered:
- Sometimes the reseller is just reselling the SW and the End customer contacts us directly for support.
- Sometimes the Reseller is hosting the End Customer environment and is contacting us for support on behalf of their customer
- Sometimes the Reseller is the hosting provider and we do not know the End User, still we must keep track of various support contracts.
4. In some cases a Distributor is also involved selling to a Reseller that sells to the End Customer
5. We also want Resellers to be able to log in, create quotes and place orders by themselves (Reseller Self Service Automation)

Can the WHMS solution be configured to handle this?