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01-26-07, 12:39 PM

I've changed charset in templates to windows-1250 and its still showing as default iso-8859-1, which means some of the letters are not showing correctly.

How do i change charset in admin panel? Only seen charset for emails and even there the one i need is missing..

Using 2.5.8 version.

01-26-07, 01:03 PM
In V3 i have the same problema, i changed it to utf-8 and all my client information is bad and even the sign does not work.


01-26-07, 04:33 PM
Yup, i tried pretty much everything by now that i can think of and still not working.. Even the compiled smarty templates say that charset is correct, windows-1250 but somehow all browsers (FF, IE, Opera) recognize page as iso-8859-1.

Haven't tried if the same happens with dynamic data, like users name.. Need to try that also..

02-09-07, 10:55 PM
Any updates on this? Where is the correct" place to change charset for templates?