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    Exclamation Module command error


    Can somebody help me?

    Yesterday when a client signup everything went well like domain registration, client registration.

    But cPanel was not created!

    Then tried to create Package manually, but bad luck, all of sudden an error occurred saying,

    "Module command error"
    "An unknown error occurred"

    Can somebody through a light on this issue.

    It is going to be big help for me, as i am about to go live.

    After 24hrs no response from WHMCS support team.

    So trying my luck here.


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    You should first of all activate the module debug option to see what exactly happens. You then provide the output to WHMCS or you expose it here by deleting first any sensitive information such as username and password

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    Under server settings, check to make sure that the SSL box is checked at the bottom. I had the same issue and I am not sure what happened to make the change, but that did it for me.

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