View Full Version : Email Piping not showing in admin area

02-13-10, 10:03 AM

I am new to WHMCS and I am having some problems with the support ticket emails. This is how it goes:

I have set up a support department with the email address as: [email protected], and I have correctly set-up the POP3 settings (username, port, password) in WHMCS.

I have set up a cron job to run every minute with string: * * * * * * php -q /home/mantis/public_html/whmcs/pipe/pop.php

When I send an email from my personal email account I get a auto-response back with the link to WHMCS ticket area.

However, when I check the WGMCS admin area and go to support tickets, there aren't any in there.

Does anybody know what is going on / how to fix the problem?

Thanks for your time,

Cobain Schofield

02-16-10, 05:51 PM
What does the auto-response email say?